Smiles Turkey Medical Travel Shield Insurance

Medical Travel Shield Insurance UK

Smiles Turkey are proud to offer a complete Travel Insurance Package to all our clients who choose to have dental treatment with us in Turkey.

There has always been a question of “What happens if I have to return to my overseas dentist after my surgery has finished, who pays for my flights and hotels and transport “?

The Medical Travel Shield provides an insurance that will cover all such possibilities.

  • If, as unlikely as it is, a client has to return to Turkey after their treatment has been completed, through no fault of their own and up to 12 months after their completion date, the Medical Shield package will cover all costs, hotels, transport and flights.
  • Naturally any dental work needed is provided by our team at no charge to the client.

This gives complete peace of mind and allows our company to offer the highest level of assurance to our clients. This level of confidence means that our clients are having their dental treatment carried out with a company who are raising the bar when it comes to patient care

If you are travelling and making one visit, perhaps you are having crowns, then upon showing your receipt of purchase once you arrive in Turkey this fee will be deducted from your original total treatment price.

Under FCA rules in the UK you must purchase your own insurance but once you arrive as explained this fee will be reimbursed to you.

Should you have to make 2 visits over a three-month period because you are having implant treatment we would recommend you purchase the insurance just before you make your second visit.

“Smiles Turkey again delivering peace of mind.’