Welcome from Dogukan Demirkaya – CEO

My name is Dogukan Demirkaya and I am proud to be the CEO of Smiles Turkey. We are one of the most advanced and dedicated Dental companies in the whole of Turkey.
We pride ourselves on high levels of patient healthcare and strive to raise the level of excellence in performance every time we treat a patient from anywhere in the world.
We have world class facilities and world class dentists and professors who work with us to provide the best Dental Treatment options in our field.

In 2023 we opened our first consultation clinic in the UK and this will be the first of many such clinics as we believe this will help new clients with the whole process of taking the journey overseas for dental surgery which, as we all know, can be quite a daunting experience.
We are also very proud of our Trust Pilot rating which again helps to substantiate our position as one of the very best within the industry.

Dogukan Demirkaya
Gary Miller

Smiles Turkey Social Programme

In 2023 our UK Director Gary Miller created the Smiles Turkey social programme.

We are the only dental company in Turkey that offers this service to those who have suffered with dental issues through no fault of their own and as a result cannot live a normal day to day life. Each month throughout the year we shall select someone from the many applications we receive and fly then to Antalya for dental treatment at no charge to themselves in the hope that we can help to give them new purpose and the chance to smile again and take those all-important steps towards a better life after having suffered for so long.

We are the company that gives something back because “every smile has a story”.
We look forward to another successful year and hope that we continue to see the Smiles Turkey family continue to grow.

Why Travel to Turkey for Dental Treatments?

Recieve 5 Star Quality Treatments in Luxury at an affordable price.

  • Many dental tourism patients seek treatments abroad to save between 40% and 70% compared to the costs at home.
  • Turkey is widely regarded as one of the best destinations for dental tourism due to its exceptional dental services and affordability.
    At Smiles Turkey, we provide state-of-the-art technology and treatments by expert dentists.”
  • Most patients come for implants since it is the most expensive dental intervention in other countries. Many dentists say, it is just as simple to insert an implant as it is to fill a tooth.
  • Many people imagine that having a dental implant is major surgery requiring a long stay at the clinic but, thanks to cutting-edge technologies and our experienced dentists, placement of implants is a simple treatment and afterwards you can leave to go about your activities as normal.

Average dental implant prices in Europe.

Please, note, prices may vary due to implant types, location of the office and warranty conditions. The prices below exclude sinus lift or bone grafting – they only include the dental implant/screw itself and surgical fee.

Our dental clinic in Antalya undertakes lifetime warranty to all implants. Turkey/Antalya price refers to our clinic’s fee.

The placement of a single implant does not solve the problem of a tooth gap as additional items are needed to restore chew and speech ability. A total tooth replacement includes a dental implant, abutment, healing screw and porcelain fused to metal crown. This is what the majority of our clients ask for at our clinic and very rarely only the placement of a single implant.

Country Single Implant Single Implant plus Crown
Belgium 1000 eur 2000 eur
Canada 2100 eur 3500 eur
France 950 eur 1800 eur
Turkey / Antalya 250 – 500 eur 380 – 880 eur
Ireland 1500 eur 2800 eur
Poland 680 eur 1125 eur
Romania 650 eur 1200 eur
Slovakia 590 eur 1180 eur
Switzerland 1700 eur 2700 eur
UK 1500 eur 2200 eur
USA 1800 eur 2900 eur