anaesthesia and sedation

Things to do after Anaesthesia and Sedation

The following are recommended if you have been treated under anesthesia / sedation:

  • Be accompanied when you leave the clinic
  • In the first 16 hours after anesthesia / sedation:
    Please avoid driving, working with hazardous substances, working in hazardous areas, or engaging in any hazardous activity.
    Do not make any statement with legal consequences, either orally or in writing (contract, testimony, etc.)
    Do not travel abroad
    Do not drink ANY alcohol
  • Take the medicines (e.g. painkillers, antibiotics) recommended by our dentist or anesthetist as prescribed and tell your dentist in advance about
    any medicines you are taking.
  • Drink water only for 2 hours after anesthesia and have soft meals after 3-4 hours (unless your anesthetist tells you otherwise)
  • Tell your dentist about any unusual events (symptoms that have been reported in advance by your anesthetist / dentist, such as pain around the wound, temporary drowsiness, etc., are normal). your financial obligations within the agreed time frame.